The 20 Hottest Conservative Men in The New Media For 2013

Right Wing News just published their picks for 2013 hottest conservative men in new media. Eight women voted and I’m ranked number 11 out of 20 or as I like to say number one…one.

Now this is the top 20 hottest ‘conservatives’ which might be confusing for those who think of me as a Libertarian. However, Libertarians are ultra conservative on monetary issues and very constitutionally focused on foreign and domestic issues so does it really matter?

They weren’t judging based on standards of constitutional principles (mine are awesome) or how much of the government one wants to element (95% in my case) or nuances of conservatism (friends call me a Libertarian but how about Constitutional Conservative?).

I mean, the point here is these eight beautiful woman think I’m HOT!


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