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The liberty landscape has changed in Georgia since I wrote this article.

A few years ago Georgia was lagging in representation of liberty loving people. However, things have shifted, Jeffrey Tucker and Ben Swann moved to town, FEE is now here and people like Monica Perez, Ben Smith and many others have helped grow the footprint. I’m thinking China is off the table…

Ron Paul Stock or secede and join China

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I joke privately with my Liberty friends that Georgia should secede from the U.S. and join China to cap off the support for Government control. Every day there are new cameras going up at intersections all over Atlanta. On July 1st our state will succumb to the 2005 Real ID Act…. Ben Swann reported on the GOP support for the NDAA this week. And every Republican congressman from Georgia voted for CISPA.

A majority of our local governments across the state are in debt and we are somehow a Red State? Erik Erikson, Sean Hannity and Neal Boortz are from Georgia…Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Jimmy Carter influence Georgia mindset as well. These people plus many more are so rooted here that we who love Liberty are in a hole dealing with the ‘big government and the state has the answers for you’ cheerleaders.

Last year, I met our present Governor Nathan Deal and his lovely wife while they were campaigning. Deal’s handlers asked me to consider joining his team in fundraising and I did not respond after looking at his voting record in the US Congress. Deal and most of the Georgia GOP leadership endorsed Newt.

Georgia needs help in understanding and adherence to the principles of Liberty as the people of this state are unaware, oblivious or disconnected.

Here are the election results from Super Tuesday:

GOP Primary on March 6th 2012:

03/06 GA Gingrich 47.2% Paul 6.6% Romney 25.9% Santorum 19.6%

We had the second lowest results for Ron Paul of all the Super Tuesday states at 6.6%. Personally, this would be discouraging for me but this is double our results on 2008 when Dr. Paul received only 3%. Though low in vote percentages, it is my understanding that Georgia is high in donations to Ron Paul for President.

Ben Mihalski called me yesterday and invited me to the Ron Paul Stock – Liberty Jam event. He is a ‘Leader in Liberty’ here in Georgia and has put a lot of his time and money into this Liberty awareness concert/speaking event. Please join us today at the venue or on UStream. We need your overall support in Georgia. If you are a poor college student or just can’t afford $25 per person please know the donations are suggestion only and you can give whatever you are able. But please join us today.

We need to raise the awareness in Georgia and continue to educate our representatives as to the fine details of bills and the history of subtle frog boiling state intrusions on Liberty. Many of our representatives are just uninformed and our small numbers work tirelessly to change their minds. During the C4L push to audit the fed, Ron Paul supporters here in Georgia changed Rep. Hank Johnson’s vote to supporting the audit and he was one of the toughest nuts to crack.

Ben spoke to me about his commitment and vision for spreading the message of Liberty in our state. I support him and ask the Daily Paul community to please stand with Georgia and do the same.

See you there…

Be a Leader in Liberty! or as they say in China 当一个自由领导
Kurt Wallace

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